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Don't you forget about me: Chris Pine surprised by response to Breakfast Club-style Wonder Woman photo

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

Chris Pine had no idea just how viral that Breakfast Club-inspired photo of the Wonder Woman 1984 cast would become — at least not until it positively lit the internet on fire. 

*Simple Minds music intensifies*

“I didn’t realize there was a big response to it,” Pine told Entertainment Weekly at the Toronto International Film Festival, where he’s promoting his new film Outlaw King. “That was just everyone playing around on set one day, I think. If you spend 17 hours on set anywhere, you want to have a laugh.”

The image in question (which leaked online but has never been officially released) re-creates the famous movie poster for the 1985 movie, which depicts the main young stars: Emilio Estevez (Andy Clark), Anthony Michael Hall (Brian Johnson), Judd Nelson (John Bender), Molly Ringwald (Claire Standish), and Ally Sheedy (Allison Reynolds). The Wonder Woman version comprises: Pine (Steve Trevor), Gal Gadot (Diana Prince), Patty Jenkins (director), Kristen Wiig (Cheetah), and Pedro Pascal (his role hasn't been revealed yet). 

Written and directed by John Hughes, The Breakfast Club was released in the winter of 1985 and centered around a group of high school students serving a detention over the weekend. Each character represents a different adolescent archetype (the jock, the pampered girl, the nerd, the bad boy, and the misunderstood loner) and while they start out resenting one another, they soon learn that they've all got more in common than they originally thought. 

The movie is an iconic cornerstone of the 1980s and considered to be one of the best coming-of-age (Hughes's speciality) films ever made. Even casual viewers of the film will remember the last shot, where Judd Nelson's character throws his fist into the air, as "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds plays over the soundtrack and the screen fades to black. With the new Wonder Woman being set in the 1980's, it seems they're more than willing to try and channel some of those Hughes vibes.

Directed by returning filmmaker Patty JenkinsWonder Woman 1984 arrives in theaters Nov. 1, 2019. Despite nobally sacrificing himself at the end of the last film (which was set during WWI), Steve Trevor will return, somehow, in the sequel, which shifts the timeline to the year 1984.

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