Don't count Terra Nova out yet! (Could Netflix be its savior?)

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Dec 17, 2012

Just days after being canceled by Fox, rumor has it the time-travel drama Terra Nova could get a reprieve from the unlikeliest of places.

We already knew the creators planned to shop the series to other networks after Fox passed on a second season, but now Deadline is reporting the online streaming service Netflix is in talks to keep the show going as part of a new original programming push.

"I hear that 20th TV and Netflix have been in talks about keeping the pre-historic drama alive," Deadline reporter Nellie Andreeva writes. "My sources stress that the conversations are preliminary and it is unclear if they will materialize into a negotiation, but for fans of the series left heartbroken by Fox's decision on Monday not to pick it up for a second season, this is still encouraging news."

Considering the fact that Terra Nova proved popular on iTunes during its first season, and always gained big numbers once DVR numbers were factored in, the show could fit well at an online network—especially one trying to attract new fans with exclusive content.

Netflix is already bringing the long-canceled comedy Arrested Development back to life, so this report does make some sense, though I'm sure a second season of the FX-heavy Terra Nova is likely a bit pricier than a sitcom.

But, from Netflix's perspective, the price tag could be worth it to garner the buzz of adding a Steven Spielberg project to its original lineup.

What do you think? Would Terra Nova be a good fit for Netflix?

(via Deadline)

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