Don't worry, Fringe fans: Producers promise a 'sad but satiated' ending

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Dec 16, 2012

Though rumor has it Fox's Fringe could return for a fifth season—despite anemic ratings—the producers don't want to take any chances and leave the story unresolved if it is canceled.

Executive producer J.H. Wyman told E! Online the writing team is working up a few potential endings to make sure the journey to this point doesn't end on a sour note.

"If this is the last season I would feel, obviously, incredibly sad because I know how much of the story that we have left to tell and that we would love to tell. But [we also want to] have an ending that would leave people feeling like, 'Wow, I feel sad but satiated--that was definitely worth my four years of investment,'" he said. "That's all we're concerned about is to make sure that the fans don't feel like, 'Wait, what? What happened? I've invested four years of my life and I don't get any kind of resolution that makes sense.'"

Hmm, "sad but satiated"? I wonder if Wyman is saying we'll be sad because it's ending, or sad because of the ending? I guess we'll have to wait a while (or maybe a short while) to find out.

Though the creators obviously want to keep the show going for at least another year, Wyman said even the folks at Fox want to make sure the fan-favorite series gets a fitting conclusion.

"To be 100 percent frank, our partners at Fox would never want to consciously allow that to happen," he said of an abrupt cancellation. "So everybody knows that Jeff and I are very prepared. We're ready for anything. Hopefully we go on, but it's out of our control."

What do you think: If the show is canned, does it at least bring you some comfort to know that there will be a definitive end to the story?

(via E! Online).