Don't worry—that big-screen Flash movie ain't dead yet

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Dec 16, 2012

We haven't heard much about that Flash movie in recent months, but don't worry: The Scarlet Speedster's big-screen debut has not been consigned to movie-studio limbo yet.

The Flash was one of the major DC characters expected to be rolled out as part of an effort by Warner Bros. Pictures (which owns the comic book giant) to create its own onscreen universe similar to what Marvel has been doing for the last five years.

However, something got in the way of that plan: the color green. As in Green Lantern, and all the green cash money that that movie did not make last summer, as hoped.

It's true that the box-office bust of Green Lantern threw a large wrench in DC/WB's plans, but apparently not quite enough to set off a universe-destroying crisis. We spoke recently with screenwriter Dan Mazeau, who co-wrote the new Wrath of the Titans and happened to write a draft of the Flash movie. He told us that the project is still an active concern:

"I think Warner Bros. is finalizing their strategy of how they want to roll out their DC superheroes, and obviously they've got Batman in an incredibly great place, and Green Lantern, I think, performed okay," Mazeau said. "I think they probably would have liked it to have done better, but yeah, there is still a whole lot of excitement for the DC universe, and I know The Flash is very high on the list.

"It's like anything, though," he continued. "It has to come together with the right cast. It has to come together with the right director and sort of the right moment, and so they're trying to push the rock up the hill ... hopefully there will be some news soon, but right now I can't really say anything else."

Since Mazeau last worked on the project—collaborating with DC super-writer Geoff Johns—it has gone through a few more revisions. Last we heard, Green Lantern writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim were working on a version, with Berlanti possibly directing, but it's been all quiet since.

As for Mazeau's version, he said his Flash was going to be Barry Allen, but he added, "For fans of Wally [West], there were some things in that script that would make them happy also."

Should Warner Bros. give its DC Universe another shot with a Flash film? Or do you think that Green Lantern has given the studio cold feet about putting out anything not called Batman or Superman?