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DC's first Doom Patrol footage from upcoming Titans episode is a literal feast for the eyes

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Oct 31, 2018, 12:50 PM EDT

This Friday, DC's Doom Patrol will make their live-action debut on Titans, the first original show on the DC Universe streaming service. Directed by executive producer John Fawcett, the fourth episode of Season 1 contains a different roster of actors than the ones we'll see in the upcoming Doom Patrol show currently in production. 

However, DC has released the first footage of the episode via a short clip that was actually shown at the Titans world premiere in early October. Set at a lavish banquet table, we see Robotman, Negative Man, and Elasti-Girl (unrelated to The Incredibles character of the same name).

In particular, Elasti-Girl fills up her plate with onion rings, spaghetti, and a whole sumptuous collection of other foodstuffs before drenching it in brown gravy. She digs in for what should be a hearty meal until her face begins to slump and she covers it in shame. 

Watch the clip below, but don't do so if you haven't eaten in a while. Trust us on that!

Speaking to SYFY WIRE on the Titans red carpet earlier this month, Fawcett (who directed the scene above) teased that the Doom Patrol's introduction would explore how Niles Caulder (aka "The Chief," founder of the team) saved Beast Boy's life. 

"I think that the fans are gonna enjoy the characters and the way we present The Doom Patrol," he said. 

The spinoff Doom Patrol series is expected to premiere on DC Universe in 2019. It boasts an all-star cast of Timothy Dalton (Caulder), Brendan Fraser (Robotman), Joivan Wade (Cyborg), Matt Bomer (Negative Man), and Alyn Tudyk (Mr. Nobody). 

The Titans episode with these characters (played by different actors), aptly titled "Doom Patrol," airs on DC Universe this Friday, Nov. 2.