Doomsday 2012

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Nov 6, 2008

Y'know, the other day I was thinking about this very topic, got a chuckle, and forgot about it. This is why I can't succeed as an internet meme; I don't act on the billion dumb ideas I have every day.

Ah, schadenfreude. is there nothing you can't do?

P.S. FWIW, I agree with Wil (NSFW langauge there). But I also understand that the people who had (had! Woohoo!) their jack-booted heels on the throat of science, liberty, and the Constitution, will never tire, and neither should we. So there is room, I think, for a little poking of fun.

Hat tip to BABloggee Collin McMillen. Image from Pundit Kitchen.

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