Double trouble: Original Flash star to appear in The CW's Flash series!

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Feb 12, 2014, 9:46 AM EST

Someone give the producers of The CW's Flash a medal. They've just made a lot of fans very happy. In a surprising but welcome move, they've tapped John Wesley Shipp to join the show. Shipp previously starred as Barry Allen in the short-lived '90s series of the same name. What will happen when Original Recipe Barry meets the newer, younger version?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shipp's role on The CW's Flash is being kept under wraps. They just describe him as "a mysterious character." Whoever he is, he'll be sticking around for a bit. If the network picks up a series order, Shipp will have recurring status on the show. But once again, who could he be?

When Barry (Grant Gustin) appeared on Arrow, he spoke about his troubled childhood. Mostly the murder of his mother by a strange, tornado-like figure. His father attempted to fight it off but was captured and imprisoned for his wife's death. What if Shipp takes on the role of Henry Allen? That would make perfect sense. Barry's obsessed with finding the real killer.

This isn't the first time heroes have collided. Superman alumnus Christopher Reeve and Dean Cain both appeared on Smallville.

Who do you think Shipp will play?

(via THR)