Doug Liman didn’t even want to make Edge of Tomorrow 2, until the fans asked for it

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Mar 25, 2021, 10:00 AM EDT (Updated)

If you’re pumped for Edge of Tomorrow 2, be sure to thank the fans — because the director didn’t even want to make a sequel until they all went crazy for the first film.

The first film came and went with minimal box-office buzz, but 2014’s Edge of Tomorrow found a whole lot of fans by the time it landed on DVD and Blu-ray. In an interview with Flickering Myth, director Doug Liman said he actually had no plans to follow up the first film, at least not until fans started asking him about it and begging to see more of this universe. Once he realized there was an audience for more, he struck upon what he calls a “revolutionary” idea for the sequel.

Check out an excerpt from his comments below and let us know what you think:

“I was not going to make a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow, I’m not really interested in sequels, I’m interested in trying new things, new places. But we came up with an idea for a sequel that’s so shockingly revolutionary for how a sequel would get made, and it’s so fresh and it’s such a fun story. We only even started talking about a sequel because there was so much fan affection for the movie, that people started asking us about a sequel. There was so much love for the film. It used to be that people come up to me and talked to me about The Bourne Identity. But Edge of Tomorrow is the one that people constantly come up and talk to me about. There’s so much affection   for the movie we at least owe looking at it to see if there’s an idea for a sequel and we came an idea that I can’t stop talking about.”

The first Edge of Tomorrow was one of the most creative and entertaining sci-fi flicks of the past few years. Stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt had great chemistry, while Liman brought a fresh spin to the time-loop trope with a boatload of clever action. Put simply, the movie was a romp, and it’s obvious why fans campaigned to build enough buzz for Part 2.

What do you think? Glad a follow-up film is in development, and that Liman stuck around creatively?

(Via Flickering Myth)