Doug Liman teases plans for twisty, 'smaller' Edge of Tomorrow sequel

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May 31, 2017, 10:36 AM EDT

Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow was one of the best original sci-fi movies of the past few years,  but instead of going bigger, the director has something else in mind for the sequel.

While speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Liman opened up about his plans for the proposed sequel to Edge of Tomorrow. After making the first film, Liman said he came to realize what really worked about the film was the humor and the characters — not so much the gigantic action stuff (though that was fun, too). So, in the sequel, he wants to drill down into these characters and introduce a new character, to bring the story full circle.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

“I think what people tend to do with sequels is they just make them bigger. And I’m like, ‘No, a sequel should be smaller.’ You did the first film as sort of the ad campaign for the sequel, so now you don’t need as much action, and in the case of Edge of Tomorrow, people obviously loved the comedy and they loved the situation… So we can do way more focus on Tom’s character and Emily Blunt’s character, and there’s a third character in the sequel that’s gonna for sure steal the movie. We can focus on that. I don’t need an action sequence every two minutes.

I see this as a two-movie franchise; there’s the completion of the story we set up in the first movie and the relationships between Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt—because, remember, at the end of the first movie, she doesn’t know who he is—and that’s gonna launch us into an amazing new direction. It does pick up right where we left off, but it doesn’t keep going forward, because we’d screw with time, because the aliens screwed with time.”

The first Edge of Tomorrow was a popcorn movie masterpiece, and Liman really seems to be on the right track reading what works about the franchise. But who is this new mystery character?

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