Downey Jr. hints at what that Iron Man 3 concept art really means

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

We've already heard Iron Man 3 will deal with the Extremis storyline from the comic—which focuses on the usage of nano-tech—but now Robert Downey Jr. has opened up about how Iron Man 3 could change the Avenger for good.

The always-coy Downey hints that the new piece of concept art released earlier this week could be Extremis-related, with Tony Stark getting closer than ever to his suit of armor:

"What's happening here? The context isn't immediately clear (and Marvel isn't talking), but the image matches the way Stark's armor attaches to him in the 2005-06 comic book series Iron Man: Extremis. The title refers to a nanotech serum that allows humans to bond with metal, becoming biological combat machines."

Though it's challenging enough to follow up on Iron Man 2, not to mention the blockbuster Avengers, Downey says he wants the latest sequel to be a true game changer for the billionaire genius:

"[I] radically want to challenge Stark's identity, rather than just have him battle another bad guy. These things tend to, in Act 3, really become about the same old things. So let's really flip that. I feel like I don't know where you go after Iron Man 3. Leave it all on the field, you know?"

What do you think? Do you want to see Marvel mix things up even more for the latest Iron Man?

(Via We Got This Covered)