Dracula rises again for new modern-day TV series

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Apr 28, 2017, 12:34 PM EDT (Updated)

You just can't keep a good bloodsucker down.

Vlad Dracula, King of the Vampires, is making another resurrection over the airwaves with the announcement of Dracula Now, a new modern retelling of the original gothic horror story by Bram Stoker. This new take comes courtesy of producers Nick Wechsler and Scanbox's Joni Sighvatsson and is based on Makt Myrkranna ("Powers of Darkness"), a sophisticated political retooling of the immortal legend written by Icelandic author Valdimar Ásmundsson in 1900 ... only three years after Stoker's epistolary novel was published.

This revamped Dracula will be a tyrannical Transylvanian schemer bent on taking over Europe in a 10-episode TV series being written by Icelandic screenwriter Otto Geir Borg (Undercurrent).

"Dracula Now will be an allegory of what's happening today in the U.S., in the U.K. and in France," said Los Angeles-based Sighvatsson, who runs Scanbox with Thor Sigurjonsson and Chris Briggs. "It won’t be like a Dracula spinoff because there's no need for that. Dracula Now will explore the idea of Dracula as a dictator forging a reign of blood to control people in today's world."

No word yet on any distributor or TV deal but we'll keep you posted.

With NBC's recent Dracula starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers having zero longevity and being canceled after its first season, do we really need more Dracula on TV, or are you happy that someone is taking another stab at it?

(via Bloody Disgusting)

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