Dragon Con 2015: Looking back at the best cosplay from the show

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Sep 13, 2015, 11:38 PM EDT

Dragon Con 2015, I hardly knew ye. It was only a week ago I was in hot and humid Atlanta, fighting through a reported 70,000 attendees dressed as fictional characters, walking memes and more than a few people who did not understand the finer points of spatial awareness.

Still, I miss it. I have come to refer to Dragon Con as Nerd Burning Man. It is a festival of fandom where selling autographs and photo ops appears secondary to strutting your geek cred, and doing so with possibly an adult beverage in hand. Of course, Dragon Con is not a barter-based event like Burning Man -- and the con does make a buck by selling badges, sigs and pics, and multiple downtown hotels sell out for a pretty penny per night -- but the visual stimuli I walk away with each year are priceless.

When it comes to cosplay, I've not found a more creative gathering than Dragon Con. The range of costumes, from spectacular to spectacularly sloppy, and an entire spectrum in between, is so justifiably legendary that this con down south deserves a place high on your nerd bucket list near San Diego Comic-Con.

And that's why I want to take up a little space, even though it's a week later, to drop a helluva lot of Dragon Con cosplay at your feet. Blastr worked with the excellent photographers of CONography to assemble a kaiju-sized selection of why this event is so incredibly special, weird, wacky and memorable.

This isn't the stuff that makes news or goes viral (although some did, like our Immortan Joe/Donald Trump cosplay shot of "Rawrbomb"). Instead, it's what makes me happy and reminds me of the cleverness and joy that is such a positive result of being a fan. There are Jedi, wizards, monsters, driving velociraptors ... you get the point. And I wanted to share that with you fellow fans out there.