DragonCon: made of awesome

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Aug 31, 2008

I finally have an intertoob connection here at DragonCon, but not a whole lot of time. In fact, that seems to be a theme here: get up early, do tons of stuff, go to a party until 3:00 a.m., rinse lather repeat.

I can't complain; I'm having a tremendous time. I've been hanging with friends (including Skepchicks, woohoo!), listening to great panel discussions on space and skepticism, been on a few myself, and generally soaking up the geeky goodness.

But of all of this, my fave part is the fans. And the costumes! DC is known for having more people in costumes per cubic meter than any other con, and I'm loving it. I ran into these guys last night, and over the past coupla days I've seen a half dozen more Doctors. And demons, cosplayers, vinyl-clad posers, giant thingamabobs (actually, several of them), and even a Cylon. I don't have time to post any pix now, but I will when I get home (Tuesday).

But there's still lots to do; I'm going to see a preliminary test for Randi's Million Dollar Challenge in a few minutes, and later tonight my bud Kevin Grazier and I are on a panel about British Sci Fi (I can talk Doctor Who and people will listen and ask for more! Heaven!). Also, my friend Mykal brought me Blenheim's ginger ale, which I am drinking as I write this. I simply cannot ask for anything more.

Well, that's not true... I'm hoping to get James Hong to sign my David Lo Pan t-shirt. Indeed!

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