Sanford Greene Luke Cage sketch

Drawing Luke Cage with Marvel comic book artist Sanford Greene

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May 15, 2017

Regardless of what vocation you're going for -- be it a bread maker, a martial artist or a computer programmer -- if you want a head start on becoming a master of your craft, you should try and learn from a master. As such, for all you fledgling artists out there, please see our video below, shot over the shoulder of Marvel comic book artist Sanford Greene as he creates a sweet as Christmas sketch of Luke Cage.

Of course, we couldn't just let Greene draw in silence, so we also had him regale us with some of his go-to artistic tricks of the comic book trade. But even if you're not an artist, and simply an appreciative fan of the art, you'll love listening to Greene tell us about some of the masters that influenced his own amazing work, including his current gig penciling Power man and Iron Fist.

Check out Greene's drawing/history lesson below, then let us know who would be the first character you'd create if you could draw like a master.

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