Dream Casting: America

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Jun 29, 2017, 3:30 PM EDT

Dream Casting is an imaginative look at the casting process of potential Hollywood movies based on comics and other media. This isn't about the movies that are being made; this is about the movies that should be made, and who we think should star in them.

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, so what better subject for Dream Casting than Marvel's America. Written by Gabby Rivera with art by Joe Quinones, America focuses specifically on Ms. America Chavez. For those who don't know her, America Chavez is a member of the Ultimates, a former Young Avenger and a queer Latina college student with the power to kick star-shaped holes between dimensions.

An America movie could follow the first story arc with just a few tweaks: America takes a break from adventuring to study at a futuristic university, only to find that trouble follows her wherever she goes. The time travel would definitely set this story apart from anything we've seen in the MCU so far, although of course the chapter featuring Storm would have to be rewritten, barring a new deal with Fox Studios. On the other hand, a cameo from Chris Evans as WWII-era Captain America would be awesome if they can swing it.

But those are all concerns for people who actually make real movies. For now, here's a cast for an imaginary America.

Shyrley Rodriguez as America Chavez.jpg

Shyrley Rodriguez as America Chavez

Rodriguez is a newcomer whose first onscreen role was as Regina Diaz on the Netflix series The Get Down. Her youth and fire is exactly what America needs, and she has the perfect look for the part. Plus, Rodriguez is a dancer, which gives her a leg up on choreographed superhero action.

Halston Sage as Lisa.jpg

Halston Sage as Lisa

Sage (Paper Towns, Goosebumps) manages to have a memorable look and attitude in a field where she's just one of a thousand pretty blonde ingenues, which is no small feat. She'll be perfect as America's on-again/off-again girlfriend.

Seychelle Gabriel as Kate Bishop.jpg

Seychelle Gabriel as Kate Bishop

Kate 'Hawkeye' Bishop has only made a couple of cameo appearances in the comic, but if you were going to make an America movie, finding a way to include her Avengers-adjacent best friend seems worth doing. Gabriel (The Last Airbender, Falling Skies) would be perfect.

Shameik Moore as Prodigy.jpg

Shameik Moore as Prodigy

Moore (also from The Get Down) has the charisma to play a guy who knows basically everything there is to know, and somehow make him likable.

Brittani Nichols as X'andria.jpg

Brittani Nichols as X'andria

Nichols (The Xperiment) is a hilarious writer and performer who's still kind of under the radar of the mainstream, and X'andria would make for the perfect breakthrough role.

Ruth Negga as Professor Douglas.jpg

Ruth Negga as Professor Douglas

We haven't really gotten to know Professor Douglas yet, but she's clearly important to America's future education. Negga (Preacher) has a special ability to make any character she plays into someone who you want to spend time with, so that will probably help.

Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter.jpg

Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter

If you want to connect this weird interdimensional story to the MCU as a whole, America's time-travel WWII adventure with Agent Carter is the perfect way to do it, and Atwell was so great in the part that any chance to bring her back is worth taking.

Cierra Ramirez as Imani.jpg

Cierra Ramirez as Imani

Ramirez (The Fosters, The Secret Life of the American Teenager) is great at conveying just the sort of nervous energy that will be perfect for America's biggest fan.

Georgie Flores as Zu.jpg

Georgie Flores as Zu

Flores (Famous in Love) will have a lot of fun with Zu's deadpan monologues about what a great hacker she is.

Abbey Lee as the Entity.jpg

Abbey Lee as the Entity

Inspired by Slavitza Jovan's appearance in the original Ghostbusters, I've decided that you can't go wrong casting a scary supermodel as an interdimensional monster. Abbey Lee already got down and weird and gorgeous in The Neon Demon.

Stephanie Beatriz and Justina Machado as America's Moms.jpg

Stephanie Beatriz and Justina Machado as America's Moms

Both of America's moms died heroically years ago, just before she left her home dimension. So for the inevitable flashback, it makes sense to cast recognizable faces like Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and Machado (Jane the Virgin, Queen of the South) to make an impression in just a short time on screen.