Dream Casting: Female Thor

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Oct 30, 2017, 5:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Dream Casting is an imaginative look at the casting process of potential Hollywood projects based on comics and other media. This isn't just about what is being made; this is about what should be made, and who we think should be the stars.

In a recent interview with Movies.com, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige refused to rule out the possibility of a female Thor in the MCU:

"We always look back to the comics to get those ideas ... sometimes very specific storylines like 'Civil War,' sometimes just nuggets or characters like 'Planet Hulk.' So anything that's happened in the comics, even a female Thor, become great potentials and the ideas from which future movies can be born."

He was certainly vague in a way that doesn't sound like anything's definite in that direction, but this is Dream Casting, and we're allowed to dream. After all, the main Thor in Marvel Comics has been a woman since 2014, so it's reasonable to think that she might show up in the movies, especially if Chris Hemsworth gets bored with the role.

For those not familiar, this Thor is a different character from the male Thor whose father is Odin. But she's taken up the hammer Mjölnir and gained the strength and powers of the God of Thunder. So we've chosen a few actresses who could conceivable play her, and also filled out the cast with some of her supporting characters and villains. The ball's in your court, Marvel Studios!

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Gwendoline Christie as Thor

This one almost goes without saying. If you're looking for a tall, powerful-looking and beautiful blonde actress, Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones) is the go-to. We know she looks great in armor, and she could really wield that hammer with authority.


Charlotte Flair as Thor

On the other hand, maybe somebody new to acting could bring something fresh to the role. WWE wrestler Charlotte Flair looks more like the comics version of Thor than just about anybody, and she'd be great in the action sequences. She recently landed her first movie role as a supporting character in Psych: The Movie, so starring in a Marvel film would be a quick step up. As Charlotte's meteoric wrestling career has shown, she tends to achieve great things when she tries.


Brooke Ence as Thor

CrossFit competitor Brooke Ence made her movie debut as an Amazon in Wonder Woman. She's another athlete who could really embody Thor's physicality, but she has much less experience talking on the camera than Charlotte Flair. But maybe she's a natural. She's certainly worth an audition.


Natalie Portman as Thor

On the other hand, the female Thor in the comics is actually Jane Foster, having been transformed by Mjölnir. And Natalie Portman did such a great job playing Jane in the first two Thor movies that it seems kind of insulting not to let her do this herself. She's not tall (although you could fix that with special effects if it's important), but she's in great physical shape, and might even be willing to pack on some muscle for the role. If you want Thor to be Jane, you could do a lot worse than the Jane we already have.


Eva Green as Loki

As comics fans know, Loki often takes on a female form, although we've yet to see that in the movies. But if Thor is a woman, it wouldn't be surprising for Loki to turn up as one too. And a female Loki is just the sort of role Eva Green (Penny Dreadful) was born to play.


Mila Kunis as Roz Solomon

Roz Solomon is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who becomes a friend and ally of Thor. Mila Kunis (Jupiter Ascending) has just the right look for the part and is always a fun actress to have around.


Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the Enchantress

The Enchantress is an Asgardian sorceress who's known for her bewitching beauty. Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Beyond the Lights) has bewitching beauty to spare and will make for a better contrast with the blonde Thor than the comics version of the character.


Rory McCann as Ulik

Rory McCann consistently gives a fantastic performance as the Hound in Game of Thrones, and if any actor can give a magnetic performance as the King of the Trolls, it's him.


Abbey Lee as Queen Aelsa of the Fae

Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road; The Dark Tower) has exactly the sort of slightly odd-looking beauty and demeanor that you want for the Queen of the Faeries.


Wes Bentley as Dario Agger

Dario Agger is your basic selfish jerk of an oil company exec, except that he also turns into a Minotaur. Wes Bentley (American Horror Story) can handle both sides of that equation, although some motion-capture CGI will probably help with the Minotaur part.

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