Dream Casting: Static Shock

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Feb 15, 2018, 5:15 PM EST

Dream Casting is an imaginative look at the casting process of potential Hollywood projects based on comics and other media. This isn't just about what is being made; this is about what should be made, and who we think should be the stars.

February is Black History Month, so I'm focusing on black creators and characters. This week, we're looking at Static Shock, focusing on the adventures of Virgil Hawkins, aka Static, a teenage superhero who juggles high school with using his electric powers to fight the super-powered gangsters who are running rampant across Dakota City.


Static was originally created by Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek Dingle for a comic of the same name that was part of the Milestone Media line in 1993. For this project, I'm focusing more on the 2000 animated series Static Shock, which is where most people learned to love the character and his supporting cast.


Caleb McLaughlin as Virgil Hawkins/Static

Caleb McLaughlin really shined in Stranger Things Season 2, and this could be the perfect starring vehicle for him.


Jaeden Lieberher as Richie

Jaeden Lieberher (It) is a unique young actor who'd be perfect for the part of Virgil's best friend, who would be a mix of Richard Osgood Foley from the TV cartoon and Richard Stone from the comics.


Sophia Lillis as Frieda Goren

Another standout from It, Sophia Lillis would bring a lot of depth to the role of Virgil's good friend and sometimes crush.


Isabela Moner as Daisy Watkins

Isabela Moner (Transformers: The Last Knight) will round out the central quartet as Virgil's main love interest.


Lucas Hedges as Hotstreak

Lucas Hedges (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) plays a great sullen teen, but his attitude would be even worse as the fire-flinging criminal Hotstreak.


Jay Pharoah as Ebon

Jay Pharoah (White Famous) is a talented comedian, and history has shown funny actors can often play great supervillains.


Aramis Knight as Shiv

Aramis Knight (Into the Badlands) has done his share of combat scenes, which is an important aspect of Shiv's character, since he often uses his superpowers to create melee weapons.


Becky G as Talon

Becky G (Power Rangers) could bring some sympathy to the character of a mean girl who's also a bird.


Stefanée Martin as Sharon Hawkins

Stefanée Martin (The Get Down) would bring strength and humor to Virgil's sister.


Wendell Pierce as Robert Hawkins

Wendell Pierce (The Wire) is a fantastic actor who would bring the perfect mix of warmth and authority to Virgil's father.


Dana Ashbrook as Edwin Alva

Twin Peaks: The Return brought Dana Ashbrook out of obscurity, and while he was surprisingly sympathetic in that role, he'd make a really interesting villain.