Dream Casting: The Wicked + The Divine

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Jul 13, 2017, 1:00 PM EDT

Dream Casting is an imaginative look at the casting process of potential Hollywood movies based on comics and other media. This isn't about the movies that are being made; this is about the movies that should be made, and who we think should star in them.

The Wicked + The Divine, by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson, has been one of the most popular non-superhero comics of the past three years. As such, it seems inevitable that it will arrive on big or small screens sooner or later. In fact, it was optioned for TV in 2015, but so far nothing has come of that.

The comic follows Laura, a young woman from London who becomes entangled with a pantheon of 12 gods from various cultures who've been incarnated as British millennials. In the world of the book, this phenomenon happens every 90 years, with the gods living in human form for only two years before dying. The pantheon is watched over by an ancient goddess named Ananke, who may not turn out to be entirely honest about how the whole thing works.

I think The Wicked + The Divine could easily be a prestige TV show or a trilogy of movies, so this is a cast that could go either way. In 2017 the once-stark line between TV and movie stars isn't what it once was anyway.

Nathalie Emmanuel as Laura.jpg

Nathalie Emmanuel as Laura

Emmanuel has been such a memorable presence in a supporting role on Game of Thrones that it's easy to imagine her moving on to play the lead character in this ensemble.

Cara Delevingne as Lucifer.jpg

Cara Delevingne as Lucifer

Delevingne is a supermodel on the verge of becoming a movie star with this summer's Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (following her villainous turn in last summer's Suicide Squad), and she's really great at expressing sarcasm with just a facial expression, which is absolutely something Luci requires. Give her the hair and the suit and she'll be amazing.

Rosie Day as Amaterasu.jpg

Rosie Day as Amaterasu

Casting the living porcelain doll that is Rosie Day (Outlander) will help convey the naiveté that's so central to Amaterasu.

Letitia Wright as Sekhmet.jpg

Letitia Wright as Sekhmet

I considered just casting Rihanna, but that seems a little too on-the-nose as to something Hollywood might actually do. Wright (Humans) is an up-and-comer who's bound to bring something memorable to the part as she prepares to wow us with roles in both Black Panther and Ready Player One.

John Boyega as Baal.jpg

John Boyega as Baal

I feel like Boyega would have a lot of fun portraying the supreme cockiness of Baal. It would also be a lot of fun to see him in those amazing suits.

Harry Styles as Baphomet.jpg

Harry Styles as Baphomet

Makes sense to have at least one actual pop star in the movie, and Styles has the perfect look to play the geeky, gothy underworld god.

Gayle Rankin as Morrigan.jpg

Gayle Rankin as Morrigan

Rankin is a chameleon, which is important since Morrigan is three characters in one, each with their own unique look. And if you've seen GLOW, you know Rankin is no stranger to over-the-top wigs and goth makeup.

Avan Jogia as Inanna.jpg

Avan Jogia as Inanna

Jogia (who appeared on SYFY's own Caprica) is incredibly good-looking, but he also has the friendliest smile, which Inanna absolutely needs.

Ryan Potter as Woden.jpg

Ryan Potter as Woden

Woden's face remains hidden, but Potter (Supah Ninjas, Big Hero 6) can do a lot with just voice and body language.

Millie Bobby Brown as Minerva.jpg

Millie Bobby Brown as Minerva

I can't think of anyone more perfect to play the 13-year-old Goddess of Wisdom than the young star of Stranger Things.

Keiynan Lonsdale as Dionysus.jpg

Keiynan Lonsdale as Dionysus

Lonsdale (The CW's The Flash) has a background in dance, which raver god Dionysus obviously should. Just shave his head, paint on the laurel wreath and he'll look like a god.

Naomi Scott as Tara.jpg

Naomi Scott as Tara

With the right styling, Scott (Power Rangers) can easily embody the preternatural beauty of Tara ... and she can handle the angst, too.

Ivory Aquino as Cassandra.jpg

Ivory Aquino as Cassandra

Aquino (When We Rise) is a bit older than most of the cast, but she can play young, and Cassandra appears to be the oldest of the latest pantheon anyway. In any case, I think she can handle the sharp edges of the Goddess of Prophecy.

Vanessa Redgrave as Ananke.jpg

Vanessa Redgrave as Ananke

Redgrave will look spectacular but also menacing in Ananke's collection of ornate gowns and intricate masks. She'll also bring a little prestige and experience to this otherwise youthful endeavor, which when you think about it could also describe Ananke's actual goal in the story.