Dredd co-star thanks fans for Day of Dredd's attempt to get a sequel made

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Oct 4, 2014, 3:58 PM EDT (Updated)

In 2012, this unexpected thing happened -- a really entertaining and faithful Judge Dredd movie. After the Stallone disaster, that didn't seem likely to ever happen. But the bummer is that it didn't even make back its $50 million production budget while it was in theaters.

However! The good news is that the film found legs after the fact. People bought it, streamed it, blogged about it. In short, they loved it. And they wanted a sequel.

There was a big push on Oct. 1 to really show how strong the interest for a Dredd sequel is -- people signed the approved Dredd 2 petition, hosted viewing parties, bought copies of the film for themselves and friends and just showed all the Dredd love they could. Working at a popular comic store, I can tell you the uptick in vocal interest for all things Dredd was noticeable.

To celebrate, co-star Olivia Thirlby made a video showing her thanks, which, in addition to being very cool of her, means there's still hopefully cause to hang on to the possibility that Dredd 2 can still happen.

Did you sign the petition? And are you still hoping for another R-rated Dredd movie?

(via Bleeding Cool)