Dredd producer on the status of that sequel: 'There's no effing script'

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May 2, 2014, 4:13 PM EDT (Updated)

Though star Karl Urban set our geek hearts aflutter with recent confirmation that talks are underway about a Dredd sequel, the film’s producer Adi Shankar just dropped a big, fat dose of reality.

While chatting with DweebCast, Shankar was asked about Urban’s recent comments and the status of a potential sequel. Though Shankar said he’s currently championing the project, he noted those “talks” are barely even that — and we’re still a long, long way away from anything concrete. Take, for example, the fact that there's not even a working script yet.

Le sigh.

Check out the interview below, which is a nice peek into the inner workings of making and releasing an independent film. Not surprisingly, it takes a whole lot of moving parts, and it’ll take some time to get all those components moving again.

We’ll keep our excitement in check for now, but as Shankar recommends above — why not just scrap the movie and make a Dredd TV series? I mean, I hear Urban’s schedule recently got a lot more open ...

(Via DweebCast)

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