Dredd + 15 more pulse-quickening slow-mo action scenes we love

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Dec 17, 2012

Slow motion. It adds tension. It adds drama. And, heck, more than anything, it just looks cool. Numerous action films have used slow-mo to showcase action, and transcendent hit The Matrix made it super cool again.

Sci-fi films have taken the effect and run with it in recent years, to nauseating effect at times. But when it's done right, you can't beat a good slow-mo punch, bullet or zombie-kill.

So in honor of the opening of Dredd, which wowed us with its own slow-mo action clip during the lead-up to its release this week, we've put together 16 of the coolest clips to get you pumped for a trip to Mega-City One this weekend:

Enjoy, and since these are all in slow-mo ... it could take a while.


This brutal scene, one of the first shown from the Dredd reboot opening this weekend, got us amped to see all the damage that will be wrought in Mega-City One.