Drew Goddard on why he isn't directing Spider-Man reboot

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Sep 14, 2015, 4:29 PM EDT

We know Drew Goddard as the writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s “Conversations With Dead People,” as the director of Cabin in the Woods and as the actor who played Fake Thomas Jefferson in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (OK, I did’t know that until I saw it on IMDb). But we will never know him as the director of the Spider-Man reboot.

Goddard, who had worked with Marvel to develop the Netflix Daredevil series, was considered by Hollywood watchers as a likely director for the next new Spider-Man. But for Goddard, it seemed the timing was wrong.

When asked why he isn’t directing the 2017 Spider-Man reboot, Goddard told CinemaBlend:

I mean, I think that’s more a question for them, but here’s the good news. I’ve worked with Marvel a lot. The way that Marvel sort of works is they say, ‘Hey, do you have an idea for… Here’s the movies we’re thinking about making…’ They sort of tell the world what they’re thinking of making, and they sort of put out there, if you have an idea for any of these, come talk to us.

And I think, with Spider-Man, I didn’t really have an idea. Part of that might have just been because I had just written one. I spent a year working on Sinister Six, and I think I was like in a head space where I just didn’t… you know, it’s very hard to say, ‘Ok, now write a new movie.’ So, it never got that far. We never, it never got taken that far. They know how much respect I have for them. They’ve been very nice to me over the years, and I know sooner or later, we’re going to find the right project. It’s all about timing.

As for Sinister Six — a movie about the Marvel villains who have banded together to destroy Spider-Man — that project also isn’t moving forward. 

As Goddard said in a Crave Online interview, “It’s not happening now. But Hollywood is very volatile, and you never know.” Goddard wants to keep quiet on the details, just in case the movie in fact does get made, but he describes it as “the epic Spider-Man movie of my dreams.”

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