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Drinking with the Red Viper: Pedro Pascal of Game of Thrones joins us for a beer

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Jul 25, 2014

Pedro Pascal was easily one of the most beloved characters last season on Game of Thrones. As Prince Oberyn, he was a lover and a fighter, a man on a mission for vengeance, and just an overall badass. So after cheering him on in a fight with The Mountain, I was able to cheers him at the Wired Cafe at San Diego Comic-Con. Pascal tapped into the new Valar Morghulis beer from Brewery Ommegang for a group of fans, and like the fight scene we were waiting for all season, he teased the fact that the Abbey Dubbel beer -- called a "two-headed" brew, much like a Dornish coin -- wouldn't be available to the public until the fall. Pascal then joined me for a brief chat about beer, comic con and who else he thinks has that signature Oberyn swagger.

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