Drunk German Yoda arrested after fleeing Halloween hit and run

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 15, 2012

The Force was not with a Halloween Eve reveler in Germany who was busted by the cops in full-on Jedi Master regalia and pointy-eared green mask for driving under the influence (of alcohol, not midichlorians).

A 42-year-old German citizen was behind the wheel on Sunday night in a city near Frankfurt, and, after one too many Halloween party drinks, he clipped a pedestrian and drove off. He was tracked down a couple of minutes later by the authorities. According to a police statement:

"The officers were especially surprised to see ... Grand Master Yoda at the wheel." The authorities took him to the station, confiscated his licence and took a blood sample. "The hapless Jedi returned home on foot."
Apparently, parties lead to drinking, drinking leads to poor judgment, and poor judgment leads to mowing down civilians while dressed as a little green Jedi.

(Via Topless Robot)