Duffer Brothers had too much story to fit into Season 2 of Stranger Things

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May 11, 2017

The first season of Netflix’s Stranger Things was one of the biggest surprises of the year, and if you were worried about Season 2, we have some good news.

The first season was a tightly knit story with a relatively final ending (though they certainly left some threads dangling for next year), but producer Shawn Levy told Mashable that series creators the Duffer Brothers actually wound up with so much material they wanted to use in Season 2 that some of it didn’t make the cut — and could be saved for Season 3.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

“As the episodes were written by the Duffers, they realized that there was too much story for nine episodes. So it forced us to be judicious in which stories we tell this season. So one of the surprises was, not all of our grand ideas are going to be serviced in one season… If we had 40 ideas going into the season, 30 [we] are going to pick, and the rest go in the back of our head for, hopefully, future chapters.

As much density of story as our show has, we have to service the characters — and the moments and relationships between characters — above everything; If we stop being character-anchored, and we become pure genre, I think we take the beating heart out of Stranger Things, and we take the thing that people maybe don’t write articles about the most, but I think it’s what they love the most — these characters on screen.”

Season 2 of Stranger Things premieres on Halloween. Do you think they can recapture the magic that made the first season so terrifyingly enthralling?

(Via Mashable)

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