Duke Nukem Forever's sexy NSFW launch trailer screams 'Buy me!'

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

The soon-to-be-released (at last!) videogame Duke Nukem Forever isn't for everyone. And don't just take our word for it—that's a fact: Its mature ESRB rating guarantees that hypervigilant game-store clerks won't sell it to gamers under 17 and its humor will turn off the easily offended.

How can you tell if the humor is too crude or just crude enough? It depends on what you think of this launch trailer.

We've seen a few other promos over the months (such as this one and this one), and the latest trailer brings home the ultra-violence and the, um, ultra T&A. It also brings home the fact that Duke Nukem Forever is about to be released in North American on June 14 ... only 13 years after its anticipated release date.

Will it be worth the wait? After 13 years, probably not. Could anything? (Many Star Wars fans are still bitterly disappointed by their 16-year buildup of anticipation for The Phantom Menace.)

But will Duke Nukem Forever interest a whole new generation that had never played a Duke game before? $%@& yes.

Check out the video below!

(via G4TV)