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Dumbo trailer takes elephant sadness to new CGI heights

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Jun 13, 2018, 5:56 PM EDT (Updated)

Another Disney live-action teaser trailer, another slow and sad version of a classic song. This time it’s the Oscar-nominated lullaby “Baby Mine" from the original 1941 animated Dumbo for, well, director Tim Burton’s sepia-toned remake of Dumbo.

Colin Farrell is leading this film as a widower/father of two and animal caretaker, Holt, opposite the (presumably villainous) ringmaster Max, played by Danny DeVito. Neither is expecting the big-eared flying machine of Dumbo. The elephants are weepier, the humans are creepier, and the loss is more heart-wrenching -- and did we mention that the psychedelic, booze-induced pink elephants will be making an appearance?

Maybe it’s better if you just watch it for yourself:

Dumbo’s unique abilities attract Michael Keaton’s skeezy entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere, who wants to take the elephant to his “Dreamland” -- where he meets Eva Green’s aerialist and likely discovers, if this film’s droopy shadows and song style are to be believed, that Dreamland is more like Nightmareland.

The only respite from the sadness seems to be a few Busby Berkeley-style production numbers with plenty of geometric choreography. Because otherwise, that sad baby elephant will bring the film as down as can be.

Dumbo comes out March 29, 2019.

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