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Duncan Jones' sci-fi passion project Mute gets release date on Netflix

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Jan 19, 2018, 3:25 PM EST (Updated)

Duncan Jones, director of Moon and Warcraft, has announced a release date for his passion project Mute starring Alexander Skarsgård, Justin Theroux, and Paul Rudd, slated to be released on Netflix. 

The script itself had originally been slated to be Jones' first movie, and he even garnered the support of Sam Rockwell who wanted to play the lead role of Leo (now being played by Skarsgård). While Jones didn't see Rockwell as being right for the role, the actor's interest led to Jones writing the screenplay for Moon with Rockwell in mind. Over the years, life and other projects intervened to push Mute further down the list of viable projects, and they'd even considered changing media and making it into a graphic novel with Eisner-award winning comics artist Glenn Fabry, cover artist for much of the run of Preacher comics. But finally the project has come to fruition as originally intended, as a full-length feature. 

Though initially set in contemporary London, the story takes place in future Berlin with Skarsgård as a mute bartender, with Theroux and Rudd each playing American surgeons. But Jones has also noted that his cast template for the project would have included Cary Grant, Boris Karloff, and Bela Lugosi - a real dream team of yesteryear. Now that he's been cleared to announce the release, Jones' has been re-tweeting sneak preview pics from the movie with the promise of more Mute info on the way. 

Jones has hinted that Mute will be the second part of a trilogy, including Moon and a third film as yet to be announced. 

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