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Source: Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons & Dragons unveils contest-winning monster to join game: See the terrifying finalists

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Dec 13, 2018, 8:16 AM EST

When Dungeons & Dragons opened up a contest with Adobe Photoshop CC to have fans create the art for a monster lurking in the depths of their new campaign, “Dungeon of the Mad Mage,” nobody knew what The Terror of Undermountain was going to look like. With dozens of prepackaged monster parts and backgrounds, the contest allowed plenty of artists to embrace their inner Frankenstein.

However, now that the winner and runners-up have been announced, fans can see just what they’ll be facing in the Mad Mage’s lair. You can check out the art (by winner Will Kalkanis) above and below, but the Wizards of the Coast team explains their selection process in the video here:

Kalkanis’ prowess with textures and color, with the bold monster popping off the background and into the nightmares of wizards and fighters throughout the world, earned him $5,000 and the opportunity to visit the D&D studios — not to mention that his version of the Terror will become an unpainted figure for tabletop gamers to battle. His chained, eyeless beast will also become an official D&D monster, and Kalkanis might have the chance to make more as he will "concept future dragons and beasts together" with the D&D design team during his visit, according to a release.

That’s not to discount the work of the 10 runners-up, either, whose terrifying creations can be perused below by dungeon-crawlers. Take a look at the Terrors dreamed up by Dylan Pharaoh-Whitney, Mad, Thomas Chamberlain-Keen, John Tedrick, Dave Wolf, Toni Bell, Richard Sashigane, Christina Qi, Tiffany Chiu, and Cornelius Cockroft: