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Dungeons & Doggies marks its territory in D&D with new Kickstarter

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Jul 27, 2018, 11:12 AM EDT (Updated)

You don't have to play D&D as something human or even vaguely humanoid anymore. Animal Adventures: Tales of Dungeons & Doggies will now let you play as your best friend… literally. The furry one with four paws.

Dreamed up by Russ Charles and the genius minds of Painting and Polygons, who designed and sculpted these otherworldly creatures, an entire pack of canines equipped with everything from wizard hats to magical bones are just waiting to sniff out their next quest.

“Our range of canine characters are true dogs, four legged companions true of heart and pure of soul! We have chosen to develop a range of ‘non-humanoid’ minis to offer as much of a unique play experience as we possibly could,” Painting and Polygons say on their Kickstarter.

Each breed and class involves an incredible amount of detail. Tedric the Chihuahua Rogue wears a suit strapped with daggers and holds a knife in his jaws. Cornelius the Golden Retriever Wizard carries his entire practice of sorcery with him, from spellbooks to potions to what only look like ordinary bones. Montague the Cocker Spaniel Bard goes nowhere without his books, panpipes and parchments—and even wears a puffy shirt.

Dungeons & Doggies

Credit: Painting and Polygons

With the appropriately named Fetch! Pledge, which makes this the easiest Kickstarter since it’s the only pledge level, 13 of these whimsical characters will magically appear at your castle doors along with Rules and Adventure Companion PDFs and art prints by Artist April Prime. Her dream vision of Cornelius looking up from his spellbook with glowing purple eyes will bewitch you. Don’t forget the stuffed dragon.

You also get the Kickstarter-exclusive Tonka, the Mastiff Bard, with his regal cloak and Shakespearean lace-up shirt. If this level of adorableness doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

What if your breed hasn’t materialized yet? More creatures will be entering the realm of Animal Adventures, so it might not be long before you see more dog breeds, cats, and other species leaping, slinking, or crawling in.

(via Kotaku)