Dust off your decks! Magic: The Gathering is coming to the big screen

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Jan 14, 2014, 11:38 AM EST (Updated)

It’s taken a few decades, but one of the biggest fantasy properties outside of Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons is finally headed to the big screen -- for better or worse.

Uber-producer Simon Kinberg has hooked up with 20th Century Fox to shepherd a film adaptation of the extremely popular Magic: The Gathering fantasy card game series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio views the project as something that could grow into a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings-size franchise and span multiple films.

Kinberg (X-Men First Class, Sherlock Holmes, Elysium) will take on a big picture role and work with rights-holder Hasbro to hash out the vision for the film and potential sequels. Kinberg knows his way around a good sci-fi property, but this one is a huge gamble. Fingers crossed.

For those who didn’t pick up a deck and start playing this game in high school, Magic is a fantasy card game introduced back in 1993 that featured wizards, spells and mythical creatures. The hugely popular game would eventually pave the way for card-battle games based on everything from Pokemon to Dragon Ball Z.

So, can this actually work as a film? It’s hard to say. The long-running card game has a deep canon to dig into, as well as a fervent fan base, and it certainly has the potential to branch out into a Lord of the Rings-style world of quests and adventures. But that’s a lot of world-building to try and pull off, and many have tried and failed at nobler pursuits.

For now, consider us cautiously optimistic. How do you think this will turn out?


(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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