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D.Va's Overwatch short proves Blizzard should give her a solo game

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Sep 25, 2018, 4:00 PM EDT

The massively popular Overwatch hero D.Va (voiced by actress Charlet Chung) is undoubtedly one of Blizzard's biggest stars. With that in mind, it's hard to believe that we just got our first taste of D.Va's backstory and history with her first solo Overwatch-themed short. The animated feature "Shooting Star" finds the esports star brought back into battle once more after enjoying a brief respite, and we came to learn quite a few things about Hana Song. One of the most important? It's time to go ahead and give D.Va her own game.

D.Va is a pro gamer from Busan, South Korea. She was part of an elite group of gamers recruited by the Korean government's Mobile Eco-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA) to fight the burgeoning Omnic uprising. Omnics are essentially mechanized soldiers (Overwatch's Zenyatta is an Omnic, coincidentally), and they were causing quite a kerfuffle when it came to terrorizing humans in the nation. So the MEKA squad took their pro gaming skills and turned them into useful members of an army to combat the Omnics.

Easy enough story to tell, right? Well, the "Shooting Star" short takes the narrative a bit further. D.Va is spending time with her friend Taehyun, a character we've not seen in the Overwatch universe. It appears D.Va is spending time away from the glitter and glamour of fame, despite being shown as the familiar energy-drink-slurping and Doritos-eating meme girl we've always known.

But she's not quite allowed to enjoy her supposed break, as Omnics unleash an attack on Busan and D.Va rushes in to save her friends and family and the entire town once more. It's a look at how the seemingly bright and positive character still deals with very dark subjects such as PTSD and the thought that she might be called back into action at any time.

D.Va is celebrated in the short as a formidable opponent, and one who saves the day time and time again, even when she's "off-duty." But aside from showing off this side of the character, Blizzard makes a case for a D.Va-only game. For one, there's the rest of her MEKA squad we meet briefly, and what of Taehyun? What roles could every character play as part of an Overwatch-like campaign or even a spin-off? Who wouldn't want to see how the Omnic invasion took place with D.Va at the forefront of the charge against the enemy?

D.Va employs her famous self-destruct attack in the short just as she does in Overwatch, and everything comes together. A squad for the sprightly heroine to command, missions to complete, and multiplayer segments would make for an absolutely amazing time for D.Va fans and everyone who's been looking for more from the veritable "face" of Overwatch. This brief glimpse into D.Va's life has only truly ignited the desire to see more from her, not relegating her to the fun "selfie queen" or adorable costume-clad main so many Overwatch players cling to.

So, what are you waiting for, Blizzard? Give fans everything we've been waiting for, and let us play as D.Va once and for all in her own game. It's about time.

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