DVD description spoils surprise villain return for new Who season

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Mar 12, 2013, 4:24 PM EDT

Rumors abound on the villains we already knew would be turning up in the second half of season seven, but is another villain returning to Who as well?

With a confirmed return for both the Ice Warriors and the Cybermen, the assumption had been that the remainder of villains would be of the new and unheard-of model. But according to the DVD description direct from the BBC for the second half of Doctor Who's seventh season, there is one more important inclusion.

With episodes written by Steven Moffat, Neil Gaiman and Mark Gatiss, the Doctor will have to outwit foes, both old and new including Daleks, Cybermen and Ice Warriors.

Yes, that's right. The Daleks -- again. And while our first instinct was to groan rather audibly, there is, at the heart of this news, the ongoing question of the identity of one Clara Oswin Oswald. Considering that her first demise was when she was a Dalek, it is entirely possible that we may yet, thanks to the power of time travel, witness her meeting the Daleks again for the first time.

Much like Captain Jack's meeting with the Daleks after they had killed him, a story between Clara and the monstrous pepper pots could prove quite terrifying in a way that the Daleks haven't been for quite some time.

What do you think? Are you ready for another round of Gallifrey vs. Skaro?

(via Doctor Who TV)