Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart could star in that Jumanji reboot

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Apr 18, 2016, 11:19 AM EDT

The studio turned to a top comedian of the mid-1990s for the first Jumanji, and it looks like Sony could be taking a similar route for the reboot. Oh, plus The Rock, because he’s just in everything these days.

Variety reports Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are in “early talks” to star in the new Jumanji adaptation, which will be based on Chris Van Allsburg’s original 1981 adventure book about a board game come to life. The book was previously turned into a (awesome) feature film back in 1995 starring Robin Williams.

The story focuses on a boy who gets sucked into a jungle via the living board game Jumanji, and the wild adventure to rescue him as an adult (played by Williams) years later as some kids finally try to finish his game. It’s not exactly clear at this point what roles Johnson and Hart might take on, though considering how successful these two have proven as a box-office draw, it seems a no-brainer (from the studio’s perspective) to team them up here.

The report notes this version of the story could be a bit more comedic and light, when compared to the rampaging (but still fun) chaotic action of the original film.

Sitcom director Jake Kasdan (Freaks and Geeks, New Girl) is on board to helm the project, with Matt Tolmach (Amazing Spider-Man) producing. The film is tentatively penciled in for release on July 28, 2017.

Do you think this is a good direction to take the Jumanji franchise?


(Via Variety)