Dynamite's Turok reboot ropes in Star Wars: Aftermath scribe Chuck Wendig

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May 25, 2017

Dino-destroyer Turok, Son of Stone has been a mainstay in the adventure comics world since his initial debut in 1954 as an 18th-century Native American trapped in a primeval Southwestern valley and forced to survive with his brother, Andar. Turok has had many publishing homes over the decades since, including runs at Dell, Valiant, Dark Horse and most recently at Dynamite starting in 2013.

After a brief interlude last year, Dynamite just announced the triumphant return of Turok in a new series from celebrated writer Chuck Wendig (Star Wars: Aftermath, Hyperion) and artist Álvaro Sarraseca (Witchblade). Due for release August 2, Turok #1 also features a cool bonus Doc Spektor back-up tale written by Aubrey Sitterson (Street Fighter X) and Dylan Burnett (Weavers).

Check out the expanded press release and sample covers below, and tell us if you're glad Turok is back in town.

In the latest Turok adventure, the fascist Saurian soldiers of the Varanid Empire -- part dinosaur, part man, all bad-news -- have seized control of the Lost Valley, and only the mysterious dinosaur hunter Turok is willing or able to stand against them! But right now, Turok only cares about one thing: tracking down a mysterious missing girl that could hold all of the clues as to how the Lost Valley has changed from the fantastical prehistoric land readers know and love.

Writer Chuck Wendig says, "I wasn't sure initially about tackling Turok because I wanted to do such a weird and wonderful story world justice -- but then, while talking with Dynamite Senior Editor Matt Idelson about all the stuff going on in the real world, an idea hit me in the chest like one of Turok's arrows. I'm excited to come on board and to hopefully bring something different to the story and to the character, while also keeping the spirit of what makes Turok awesome. And I'm hoping everyone enjoys reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it!"

Chuck Wendig, comic book writer, screenwriter, and blogger, is best known for his popular website, as well as for his 2015 novel Star Wars: Aftermath, which debuted at #4 on The New York Times Best Seller list, and #4 on USA Today's best seller list. In 2013, he was a finalist for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

Artist Álvaro Sarraseca says, "I love drawing Turok. I made some character designs of him and finally we chose the wildest. As hunters usually wear the skins of their prey, I asked myself why Turok could not do the same thing? There are no limits for creativity here! This new version of Turok tears apart anything we saw before. I think it will attract new readers who didn't have any previous interest in the character."

"When Dynamite launched the Gold Key line in 2014, we were able to introduce new readers to a now reestablished universe, which has since served as the foundation for further series that we have continued to build upon," says Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite Entertainment. "With the recent success of our series, The Sovereigns, these legendary characters have taken on a new life of their own, and we're excited to bring the world's first and foremost dinosaur hunter back to the pages of comics!"

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