E3: Nintendo unveils sci-fi, fantasy titles, including new Metroid

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Nintendo Media unveiled its lineup new sci-fi and fantasy titles today at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, the biggest of which is Metroid: Other M, which we were told would go deeper into the story of Samus.

The footage we saw was beautiful. It appeared to be mostly third-person, but that hasn't been confirmed. No exact date yet, but we were told it would be sometime in 2010.

Square Enix, meanwhile, will release Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers, which will be exclusive to the Wii. While the graphics aren't anywhere near the versions on other systems, the trailer we were shown looks pretty fantastic.

Also announced was a new version of Kingdom Hearts for the Wii DS. And after six years, a new version of fan favorite Golden Sun will be released for the DS.

The Nintendo rep told the crowd that he reads the blogs, and he knows that fans want more adult games.

Sega is offering The Conduit, which will be available to play on the floor during the conference. Stay tuned for a full report. Capcom is releasing Resident Evil: The Darkside, which will hopefully be good enough to remove the memories of the last film, Resident Evil: Degeneration. Electronic Arts is releasing Dead Space: Extraction.