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EA Games may be developing a new open-world Star Wars game

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Mar 28, 2018, 4:56 PM EDT

Red Eleven standing by. Video game developer Electronic Arts (aka EA Games) appears to be developing a new open-world Star Wars game, based on this online job posting that GameSpot noticed.

“We are looking for a Lead Online Engineer to join [a] team of developers working on a Star Wars title in development at EA Vancouver,” the job posting on EA’s job site says. The remainder of the job listing doesn’t offer any other details about the game itself. We’ve reached out to the game developer’s spokesperson to get any additional details and have yet to hear back (and to be honest, we’re not holding our breath). But if pigs decide to fly and EA’s reps decide to fill us in on the details of this nascent game, we’ll let you know ASAP. 

This apparently is not the first time that EA suggested it might be at work on an open-world Star Wars game. As GameSpot noted, the publisher posted a job listing back in 2013 implying as much. (So, seriously, let’s not hold our breath on any new updates.)

Although EA owns the exclusive rights to produce console and PC games based on Star Wars, the company has hardly been living on easy street with that prestigious intellectual property. The company faced significant backlash in November over a pay-to-play controversy regarding its handling of locked content for its Star Wars Battlefront II game, causing its stock to take a serious hit (the company had to eventually step in and do some serious damage control before things got out of hand). 

So, what do you think? Have they learned from their mistakes? Or is it far too early to tell. Let’s not forget, this game doesn’t even have a lead online engineer! Anyway, go crazy-go-nuts in the comments below and let us know your thoughts.