Early Batman comics owned by co-creator Bob Kane head to auction

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Jul 29, 2014, 6:50 PM EDT (Updated)

If you're a Batman completist with a lot of money, an interesting collection of comics from one of Batman's creators could be yours soon.

Though we now know that his status as the legally recognized sole creator of the Caped Crusader is, well, bogus, Bob Kane is still an important figure in the origin of the Dark Knight, and any Batman-related artifacts associated with him still hold value for many fans. Next month, ComicConnect and Metropolis Collectibles are auctioning off a particularly rare set of Batman comics that once belonged to Kane, and they apparently commemorate a key moment in his time with the character.

The auction includes Detective Comics #27-45 and Batman #1-3, featuring the first appearances of Batman, Robin, the Joker and other classic characters, but if you're looking for near-mint copies of these sought-after Golden Age issues, you're out of luck. These are Kane's "file copies" of the now-classic comics, apparently given to him as part of the deal with National Comics (now DC) that also gave him sole credit on the Batman character. When Kane received the comics, they were bound together and intended to be used as reference copies, so the issues now have a line of holes down the spine. Like so:

It's not the sort of thing people looking for the best possible condition of a comic would usually be into, but given where they came from, they're a rather interesting find. ComicConnect CEO Stephen Fishler also noted that the issues are of particular interest because most of Kane's personal comics connection is now lost to us.

All of these comics head to auction at ComicConnect beginning Aug. 4, and the bidding will remain open until Aug. 26. If you're interested, you can have a peek at all of the issues at the ComicConnect site HERE.

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