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Early Nightmare on Elm Street designs reveal Freddy’s original look

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Oct 7, 2019, 4:51 PM EDT (Updated)

It’s one of the most iconic looks in the history of horror, and some new behind-the-scenes pics from the first A Nightmare on Elm Street reveal the evolution of Freddy Krueger.

A few images from the book Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (based on the documentary from a few years ago) show some of the mockups and a super-early makeup test for the iconic killer who likely still haunts your dreams. The book was funded by Kickstarter and digs deep into the story behind the first film. Sadly, it was only released as an ultra-exclusive edition via crowdfunding — so if you missed it, your only shot is to try and find a copy on the secondary market.

The design was put together by David B. Miller, and in an interview with Bloody Disgusting he said he was largely inspired by pepperoni pizza and some leftover Night of the Comet makeup work. The early mockups are a fascinating peek into the evolution of Freddy’s design, and it’s amazing to think how Miller’s decisions all those decades ago persist to this day with the character.

Check out the designs via Bloody Disgusting below, and read their full report for even more intel.

(Via Bloody Disgusting)

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