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Early reactions to the Rock's Rampage call it massive, mindless movie escapism

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Apr 5, 2018, 2:34 PM EDT

Should you see the Rock/monster mash-up that is Rampage? Well, first you need some context. Based on the video games by Midway, the movie (directed by San Andreas's Brad Peyton) follows primatologist Davis Okoye (Johnson), who finds his world turned upside down when the gorilla he raised from a baby, named George, begins to grow bigger and more violent.

Top things off with a gargantuan flying wolf ("Ralph") and an irritable crocodile ("Lizzie") the size of an office building and you've got quite the bit of trouble on your hands. Okoye receives help from Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris), a genetic engineer, who discovers that these animals are being mutated by a shady orginization executing a project by the name of "Rampage." 

With the context out of the way, we ask once more, should you see Rampage? The film enjoyed its world premiere last night in Los Angeles and early audience reactions actually aren't terrible, but not great. They praise the larger-than-life VFX and the mind-numbing monster-on-monster action, which is precisely what the trailers have been promising all along. Reactions describe the movie as fun, escapism, and, in one case, a big budget B-movie. They also praise the Rock's dynamic with George and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's performance as Agent Russell a government agent who works for an agency called OGA.

This is the second feature in two months to feature giant things beating the snot out of each other, the first being Pacific Rim UprsingUprising's reviews were very middle of the road and its box office performance has been less than stellar. Perhaps Rampage has an easier time of tuning into the special giant monster frequency many felt was missing from Pacific Rim (and throwing The Rock into the mix probably doesn't hurt its prospects). In the words of that Nigel Thornberry meme, it sounds like a smashing good time!

Here's what people present at the premiere had to say.