Early reviews coming in for Daredevil Season 2. What's the verdict?

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Feb 27, 2016, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

With less than a month to go, the first reviews are starting to surface for the highly anticipated second season of Daredevil.

And the good news is that they seem to be largely favorable. Daredevil's first season was a genuine surprise in many ways, going much darker and grittier and more complex than perhaps any previous Marvel property on either the big or small screen. With the second season, it seems we're getting more of the same -- which will be a good thing for many.

Here's what Variety had to say:

After a mostly top-notch debut on Netflix, Marvel’s Man Without Fear begins season two on an uneven note, occasionally feeling as if he’s taken a detour from dark and gritty into the realm of Sam Peckinpah movies, complete with slow-motion bullets and blood sprays. Stick with it, though, and the show blossoms, featuring a few terrific action sequences while introducing into this grim world seminal characters the Punisher and Elektra – both mostly victimized by earlier feature adaptations. So far, the Marvel/Netflix collaboration has brought a nifty dimension to both parties.

Meanwhile, Den of Geek says that the show still has a lot of the same flaws on its second go-round -- uneven pacing, clunky dialogue and the lack of strong supporting characters -- but benefits enormously from not having to establish origin stories. The review also addresses the question of whether having Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) work full-time in his costume (which made only a token appearance at the end of Season 1) is a good thing. It is:

Are you worried that a red-costumed Daredevil would somehow detract from the street level vigilante justice of season one? Don’t be! This is the most effective and practical superhero costume I’ve yet seen in live action. Daredevil moves better than any big screen Batman has managed to, and the attention to detail in the action sequences is all in place. It even looks like Daredevil’s fighting style has evolved to account for his heavier, more protective gear. Those fight scenes are every bit as spectacular as you would hope (although one, clearly an attempt to one-up the incredible corridor fight from season one, feels a little self-conscious in its intentions…it’s still damn cool, though).

Finally, while Jon Bernthal's Punisher gets rave reviews -- as if there were any way Bernthal would screw that up -- Nerd Repository has a lot of nice things to say about the show's version of Elektra, played by Elodie Yung:

Speaking of the lady in red, fans should be quite pleased with this extremely faithful incarnation of the character, as Yung is visually ripped from the panels of a Frank Miller comic. She looks the part and plays it with confidence, seduction and dangerous intrigue. Oh, and she can kick ass too. Naturally. There’s real, palpable chemistry between Yung and Cox, and whenever they’re onscreen together there’s an air of danger along with a feeling of a loss of control – for both characters.

While Bernthal was always a slam-dunk, there was some concern about Yung, so it's nice to hear that both iconic Daredevil characters seem to be getting the love they deserve after having been given very rough treatment in earlier movies. But more importantly, it seems as if Daredevil as a whole has a strong second season in the can, based on these early reviews (critics are usually given anywhere from the first three to  seven episodes to watch).

The entire second season of Daredevil premieres on March 18. Are you ready to lock yourself down and binge?

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