Early, unused variant of Action Comics #1 cover up for auction

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:22 AM EDT (Updated)

Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics #1 is a rarity in the comics world, with perhaps one hundred known issues in existence, making it as rare as Bruce Wayne's living family members. But auction house Comic Connect now offers a unique twist on the famed comic: a pre-production version of a cover that was never printed.

According to Comic Connect, this cover of Action Comics #1 is a “silver proof” (also known as a silver print)—that is, an inexpensive print of black-and-white line art, where colorists could create multiple versions of the comics, in order to see which palette the editors preferred. Consider it the 1930s equivalent of Photoshop.

Here, color artist Ed Eisenberg had Supes lifting a red car. Comic Connect writes that Eisenberg felt the car's bright color fought for attention with Superman’s cape. Since you know who wins in a fight against Superman, ultimately, DC went with a green car.


This silver proof even comes with a storied history. After returning from World War II, Eisenberg found this version hanging on the wall of publisher Harry Donenfeld’s office. It was almost tossed out, but Eisenberg rescued it and kept it for himself. It was ultimately sold to a private collector, who has offered it to Comic Connect.

So what’s it worth to own the Bizarro World version of the cover of Action Comics #1? Stephen Fishler, founder and co-owner of Comic Connect, says, “This is one of the rarest, most historically significant items we’ve had the privilege of offering. Because it’s one-of-a-kind, its value is unknown at this point.”

Bidding ends on December 6. That’s just enough time for you to find a buyer for your kidney.

(Via ComicConnect)