Earth 2: World's End #12: The Fury of Huntress is unleashed

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:50 AM EDT (Updated)

Every Wednesday, we speak with author Daniel H. Wilson for a detailed recap of Earth 2: World’s End, the weekly DC Comics title he’s spearheading about an alternate earth devastated by its prolonged war with Apokolips. In this Blastr exclusive, we explore the issue with Wilson on the day it hits stands and offer a sneak peek at what readers can look for in future installments.

As Dick Grayson and Sato are launched forward on their hero's journey, a transformed Helena raises hell for Power Girl. Meanwhile, Terry Sloan gets what's coming to him! And what have Darkseid and Desaad been up to? Launching a plan that will not be pretty for those stuck on Earth-2.

You are wrapping up this series in the creative phase, even though we still have several weeks to go. But how are you feeling as you look back during these weekly conversations?

At this point, there is so much momentum. All of the final issues are written; we’re making tweaks, but it feels like an airplane out of control. You can control maybe one flap, and you’re hanging on to the stick, trying to guide it in for a landing. There is so much already committed, and you can’t make big changes. So you’re working with the momentum you have and trying to stick the landing.

Darkseid is back on his throne, listening to his court weigh in. Is he pretty  pleased with how his plan is going so far?

I don’t think Darkseid would let you know how he’s feeling, ever. But I would say he should be feeling pretty pleased. It seems like the bad guys are doing a pretty good job so far. They pretty much wiped out the surface of the Earth, they’ve got all the survivors with no place to go, and some of the heroes have been defeated. He should be happy.

What does it mean when Arcanis says, “The god planet prepares to be reborn below”?

That’s a tease. You’re not supposed to know, necessarily, but there are a lot of hints about the ultimate fate awaiting planet Earth. It isn’t pretty.

Does Darkseid know Miracle and Fury have bugged out at this point?

He’s not letting on, but it does tie into what happens in future issues. He has a great poker face, but pretty much everything goes according to his plans. Darkseid is never surprised. So at this point, people may think they’ve pulled one over on him, and they really haven’t. 

Would Fury become more of a target now that Darkseid has spared her and she betrayed him?

I think he is more focused on the big game plan, and sees these characters as pawns in his game. His ultimate goal is to get what he wants and get the Earth. I don’t think he takes it personally.

Helena is further along in her transformation as a Fury, but what makes her a good candidate?

We find that each of these furies were chosen to be a champion for a reason. Huntress is no different. It is important that she is human and from an Earth. And she is a champion of her species, which is a qualifying factor for the transformation. 

Clark Kent says his body was corrupted by Desaad’s machines; is he really just a scarred, powerless man now?

Yeah, he has been consumed by Apokolips. 

What do we do with Clark at this point? Can he still hang with these heroes?

We have to find out. How does he act now that he doesn’t have power? The answer is, it’s Superman. He’s going to be just as heroic as he would’ve been. We see how that plays out over the next few issues.

Now Lois has to protect him, as opposed to before. Doesn’t that make him a liability?

Yeah! It is absolutely a reversal -- physically. But he has served as an example of how a hero should be, so now it’s up to her to step up to his example morally, emotionally, ethically. It is a reversal but has a couple levels. 

Desaad says that terraforming is near completion. Is this what Arcanis is talking about? We didn’t know about this before.

This is something we learn a lot more about. There are a lot of things happening in the fire pits, and to the planet itself -- which intimately concerns the avatars and the Parliament. 

There are three solid pages of Dick Grayson kicking ass. Were you excited to finally let him put the hurt on some people instead of getting his ass kicked?

It is really interesting to piece together his journey. This is a spot where he finally lets go and gets savage. You see the destructive potential. It is also suicidal; he has lost everything and is ready to let the tidal wave wash him away. He needs a catalyst to help him keep going. We see his destructive potential, but he’s not really on a path. He is unfocused.

Khan confronts Terry Sloan and they get into a slugfest. How much of this is you, the writer, coming through? Was this cathartic to have Khan punch Sloan?

Absolutely. He had it coming. If I could have made that a splash and gotten away with it, I would have. I should look that page up and see what I wrote, because in the direction, it was something like “Khan knocks the absolute sh-t out of Sloan!” At the beginning of the monthly, there’s a moment of antagonism between Sloan and Khan. I remember being so annoyed, and you just think, “When is this guy going to get his?” This is that moment, and what a beautiful panel. It has to be my favorite panel in this issue. He gets socked in the mouth by Khan!

Of course Sloan has grown on me. He has a role to play. He is just as slimy as ever, but he always finds a way to make himself indispensable.

Meanwhile, Sato on Earth has defied the council and is really taking matters in her own hands to save humanity by reactivating Project Beyond. Is she a character we should invest in?

Absolutely. She is on a hero’s journey as well. I teased her way back in Future’s End #1, when she’s on the regular Earth with Holt talking about what she did during the war. This is it. We’re going to see that right now. It is absolutely something you should pay attention to; she’s an important character.

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