Earth 2: World's End #23: DC begins Convergence on California

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Mar 13, 2015, 5:58 PM EDT

Every week, we speak with author Daniel H. Wilson for a detailed recap of Earth 2: World’s End, the weekly DC Comics title he’s spearheading about an alternate earth devastated by its prolonged war with Apokolips. The comic is instrumental in the lead-up to the publisher's upcoming Convergence event, and in this Blastr exclusive we explore the issue with Wilson -- and offer a sneak peek at what readers can look for in its final installments.

This week, in addition to covering plot points and spoilers, we discuss how the publisher's move to California is reflected in the book. Plus: a big prediction on the survivor's escape plan from Earth-2.

We're in the home stretch for Earth 2: World's End, but you don't get a break, since you're already working Earth 2: Society.

I am. I was just in Burbank yesterday talking with [DC Comics Editor] Mike Cotton talking Society, figuring out where to go, who to use. It will be pretty seamless, but it's only one book a month, which is a lot different.

We have two and a half million survivors in Atom's Haven, and Terry Sloan's ship holds 100,000. But he's using this dimensional camouflage, and he has duplicate ships out there. Could they just phase in these ships from other dimensions, and load all the survivors on those?

I like where your head is at, Aaron. We have hinted on some possible solutions -- besides, of course, Dr. Crane's approach of putting brains in jars and stacking them up. We have to see how they'll figure this out, but I'll say that is a promising avenue. 

You start the issue with Yolanda Montez. Are we seeing her just as a confirmation to readers that she is alive, and she could come back into play?

Was it that obvious? [laughs] Writing comics is so collaborative, and there are lots of other people who need you to tee things up for them. Occasionally you have to do this so other people can get started on what they're doing. So yeah, it's an establishing bit of information for Yolanda.

Is she going to have much else to do with World's End?

Well, she's powerless, alone and lying in a crater, so it's unlikely she'll have a significant impact on the final battle.

I always like it when people fall to Earth, and she's surrounded by these rebars and rubble, but she picked the exact spot not to get impaled.

Not every Earth-2 character has been so lucky. Remember when Commmander Khan got impaled?!

It seems like Val-Zod and Kara get a lot of beats in this issue. Are they going to bring it on home with a big Kryptonian arc? 

Yeah, it's kind of a beginning of an arc with those two. It is so interesting playing those two off of each other. They're both Kryptonians, but both have such different outlooks on how to use their power. We'll see that play out.

Narratively, do you ever have a concern about introducing something too late in the series, and dealing with this move right into Convergence?

It is important to massage everything so you're getting big reveals throughout. But the very beginning and very end of the series is the most locked down. You pick it up from where the characters were last -- and you have no decision to make there. I'm continuing that adventure. When you drop them off at the end, they have to show up in their next appearances that someone else may be writing. I need to leave them in a precise spot so someone can write them. Keep in mind World's End is unique because Convergence is being written simultaneously. They're writing the continuing adventures of these characters while we're writing these adventures. We were really constrained in terms of where we needed to drop them off because we have a lot of other people depending on us to put the characters where they needed to show up. And to make that a seamless transition. 

Also, all of the DC editorial is moving to California. They are all incredibly disrupted. So it was important to get a lot of work in the can ahead of time, so they'll have a couple months to make that transition without also having to deliver the same amount of material they'd normally be editing. 

This whole thing was really unique in that it was a tough collaborative effort, and I think we pulled it off. Convergence is coming up, everything is on time, everyone is moving right now. My editor is already in California, but hardly anyone is there in Burbank. I was there with Mike Cotton in a big, huge, beautiful, empty conference room. We were writing all over the walls, and Jim Lee wanders in. It was like, "Hey guys, what are you up to?" 

There was no one in the offices, and we were all desperate for human contact in this big, sprawling office where people haven't arrived. 

There is some infighting between Kalibak and Barda, and she then tries to escape in Atom's Haven. Does this signal a change in her character?

It absolutely opens the door for a more complex storyline for Barda. I never considered her a one-dimensional Apokoliptian villain, in the way you might think of Bedlam or Desaad. We've seen glimmers of humanity in Barda, and she's played both sides in the past. I think we get a much cooler story out of her now. I am happy to see her in a position where she doesn't have to behave one-dimensionally.

I want to mention this Thomas Wayne/Helena moment. Their conversation feels like a goodbye between these two. Is it?

It is really a culmination of their story together. They both have learned something from the other. He made her a little tougher, and she made him a little more trusting. These are the final moments before they head into an epic battle, so who knows how many can expect to survive? So this is the time for goodbyes. 

At the end of the issue, Green Lantern summons his power to punch a hole through Apokolips, thus allowing Val and Kara's solar power to return. He says, "Here comes the sun," so are you a big George Harrison fan?

[laughs] That was Marguerite's line, but of course. Who doesn't love that song? It's kind of nice, and adds a lyrical quality to that splash.