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Earth 2: World's End #24: The end is nigh

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Mar 20, 2015, 6:01 PM EDT

Every week, we speak with author Daniel H. Wilson for a detailed recap of Earth 2: World’s End, the weekly DC Comics title he’s spearheading about an alternate earth devastated by its prolonged war with Apokolips. The comic is instrumental in the lead-up to the publisher's upcoming Convergence event, and in this Blastr exclusive we explore the issue with Wilson -- and offer a sneak peek at what readers can look for in its final installments.

From saying goodbye to Aquawoman to wrapping up World's End storylines for others, the final countdown is on for the heroes on Earth-2.

I want to begin by pointing out this is a really great cover.

We have had so many artists on this series, and I've enjoyed seeing so many different styles. It sort of keeps you guessing, and you're always amazed when you turn the page. This is another example of getting surprised by how cool it is. 

Darkseid is back on the scene after not being seen for a bit …

We'll be seeing plenty more of him!

So Darkseid is playing a big role in the last few issues?

Yeah, this is the moment he shows up and walks the earth.

It is an all-hands-on-deck moment, including Aquawoman?

How badass is that eel? But absolutely, this is it. If you're going to live, and get off of Earth-2, then this is the time to do it. The people we're looking at right now are the ones who are going to fight the final battle, and it determines who lives and dies.

Aquawoman has been out of the book for a while; is she going to take a larger role?

There are so many characters, and we've gotten plots with so many. We really ate as much of the buffet as we could. We had some fun with her earlier on, but there just simply wasn't enough room for her with the rest of the series. So she shows back up and that loose end is tied up. 

As far as who lives, you've said we'll see more of Flash. I don't recall if you meant in Earth 2: Society or World's End, but right now he wants out. Is he out of the fight?

He is definitely in Earth 2: Society, and has a role to play there. But in these following issues, we will see Flash struggle with the classic conundrum of Do you protect the ones you love or humanity?

A depowered Barda connects with K'Li, the former Fury of War. Is this something the heroes should be concerned about?

Well, yeah. They're very powerful and kind of vipers under the sheets. But I wouldn't be worried about them right now. They're both estranged from Apokolips, so they're just trying to survive. I am definitely looking forward to continuing this plotline in future titles! Having Barda and War is just really fun, and it'd be a damn shame to leave her behind on Earth-2.

I laughed out loud when Dick Grayson gave his son to Barda for safekeeping. Even though he didn't know who she was, it was just another bad decision. 

He puts his son in the hands of a survivor boarding a ship. This is just a coincidence. But he has a duty to save the human race and man the guns. He can't help by going on an escape ship, doing nothing. He doesn't have a choice; honestly, it's a heroic thing to do. But yes, it is a complete bastard to lose his son right after he got him back. This is like the Titanic when people are throwing their kids into lifeboats.

There is a great fight between Val, Kara and Darkseid. Previously I said this felt like the rise of the Kryptonians, but now it feels like the rise of Kara when she says she is the world's Superman. Is this launching her on a new arc?

Yeah, but also you can't confuse what she says and what comic-book writers are saying. Claiming to be the next Superman is exactly what Kara would say. She's brash, feisty, and that's her personality when she sees Val get hurt, and his shield ripped off. Her impulse is to step up and slap the sh-t out of Darkseid. That's her personality. As far as taking on the mantle of Superman, we've seen artwork from Convergence and some Society artwork, and I definitely think she is growing up in terms of being a Superman for this society.

And what was your favorite moment in #24?

I've gotta say, I love it when Terrific says, "We can't give up; with enough brain power, anything is possible!" I love my optimistic scientists. But seeing Aquawoman show up on that giant, crazy eel blew me away. I think the direction on that was just "Aquawoman bursts into Atom's Haven on a sea monster" or something vague. Then the artist comes up with that! I also love the moment when Val gets his shield ripped off. I think that's awful, but it's funny to me because all the time we've spent looking at Kara's chest. To see Val get his own boob window cracks me up. And of course I like the final scene when Kara claims the mantle of Superman. 

Finally, does Aquawoman expect to get that eel on a ship?!

Like, "I don't care, make room for the eel!" [laughs] I got a feeling that eel's days are numbered.