Eastwick's canceled, so why's it still on the air?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Considering its sad, sad ratings, no one should be surprised to hear that ABC has decided not to order any more episodes of Eastwick, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

But even though that decision effectively cancels the series, ABC has nevertheless said it will air all 13 episodes of the witchy show's original order, and Eastwick remains on the schedule through November.

Guess ABC has conveniently forgotten it earlier called Eastwick a "quiet success" because of the 8.53 million viewers who sampled the pilot and because it started beating NBC's ratings-challenged Jay Leno Show (no big feat). But apparently that success was a little too quiet, and things never got better for the series: Only 4.60 million people watched Eastwick last week.

The drama—based on the John Updike novel and the film The Witches of Eastwick—is about three women who discover they have supernatural powers and the mysterious man they are drawn to, who just might be Satan. The series was created by Maggie Friedman and stars Lindsay Price, Jaime Ray Newman and Rebecca Romijn as the witches.

Other shows in trouble right now include Fox's Dollhouse—which was pulled off the network for November sweeps—and Fringe, which faces the toughest competition on television. Meanwhile, two new shows have done well enough to get a full season pickup, including The CW's Vampire Diaries and ABC's FlashForward.