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ECCC 2018: All the toys, reboot rumors, and chicken-headed aliens from Day 4

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Mar 6, 2018, 9:50 PM EST

From fandom to Funko to Back to the Future, Day 4 of Emerald City Comic Con was one last chance to wander around in a Ghostbusters uniform without getting suspicious stares from anyone (unless they wanted to take your picture). Couldn’t make it to ECCC? SYFY WIRE will virtually take you there in the video above.

First up, we've got hardcore Star Wars collector Gus Lopez, who's been collecting memorabilia from a galaxy far, far away since 1977. But one of his biggest scores was completely unexpected, and not a toy at all. When Lopez landed in the Tunisian desert in 1998, he went just for the ultimate fan experience of walking through the same sands where some of the Star Wars movies were filmed, so he couldn't believe his luck when he unearthed actual movie props that had just been left behind. You'll never guess what Lopez came home with!

Next, we've got Reboot, Remake and Ruin for our exclusive Fangrrls interview with Birds of Prey writers Julie and Shawna Benson, who insist that the old TV series shouldn’t just be rebooted, but totally remade, because “you’d have to bring the new crew, you’d have to get Barbara out of the wheelchair, probably, unless you were starting with the Oracle and working your way in the other direction.”

There's no way you could have walked around ECCC without seeing at least 10 Funko vinyls, but what is the rarest one ever? Even Funko’s marketing geniuses Cameron Deuel and Yoko McCann have a hard time with that one, though Duel finally caved. So what is it? “The friends you make along the way.” Maybe if they were vinyl-ized.

Up next, Alien Bounty Hunter publisher Damian Wassel and editor-in-chief Adrian F. Wassel tell us about their comic, which they describe as Star Wars directed by the Coen brothers. This is what happens when a young queen of an alien planet decides to ditch the throne. Both “ridiculously funny” and “super-acerbic,” it’s a bizarre space adventure invaded by life-forms such as chicken-headed aliens.

Finally, the strangest story of all belongs to Back to the Future. While Tom Wilson, who played tough-talking bully Biff, acknowledges that Christopher Lloyd’s iconic Doc Brown inspired many fans to enter STEM fields, Biff has the singular honor of having woken someone from a coma. As Wilson tells it, he actually received a letter from a fan who had been comatose for several weeks. His father knew he was obsessed with the movie, and after endless repeats of the scene where Biff keeps yelling "Hello? Anybody home?!", he finally came to.

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