Brian Michael Bendis Previews Jinxworld, DC and Updates on Health (Emerald City Comic Con)

ECCC 2018: Brian Bendis bounces back from deadly infection to discuss his pivot to DC Comics

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Feb 25, 2019, 2:03 PM EST (Updated)

The great Brian Michael Bendis, creator of Jessica Jones and Miles Morales, stopped by the SYFY WIRE stage today at Emerald City Comic Con. Recently, he announced that he was leaving Marvel for DC, which, in the words of our president, was "HUGE." Around the same time, he came down with a random MRSA infection that nearly killed him, but thankfully he recovered and will be writing a brand-new line of Superman comics for DC.

Opening up about his health scare, Bendis said that he might not have survived had he not lost a bunch of weight last year with his wife. Many people have attributed the loss to his infection, but he'd already become skinnier and was told by the doctors that he probably wouldn't have made it if he weighed the same as he did two years ago. 

Bendis also talked about how his comic book imprint of Jinxworld would be moving to DC with him, introducing two new titles to arrive this summer. They are Pearl with Michael Gaydos and Cover with David Mack. This part of the deal allows him and his co-creators to bring new ideas and creations to the company, and while Bendis will be writing for iconic DC characters, he thinks the most important aspect of his publisher pivot is bringing new stuff to the table. 

See what Mr. Bendis had to say for himself in the full video below ...

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