Day 2 Highlights: Adventure Time's Finn, Metal Gear's Solid Snake, Stranger Things' Barb & More (Eme

ECCC 2018: Emerald City Comic Con Day 2 highlights roll in

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Feb 25, 2019, 3:02 PM EST (Updated)

Emerald City Comic Con is mid-weekend and the fest has never been more exciting. For those geekily inclined who aren’t in attendance, you can live-stream our Live Stage and more of our selected panels. However, if you’re a little more antsy, we’ve got a best-of video compilation of all our favorite highlights from Day Two of SYFY WIRE's Live Stage.

There’s body painting, discussions of They Might Be Giants’ songwriting abilities, the ins and outs of using a Southern accent while voice-acting, and more.

Some of the best parts include artist Tim Sale explaining why artists and writers use existing heroes rather than creating their own. Then, to shake things up a bit, voice actor Jeremy Shada (Finn, Adventure Time) sings the "Tough Tootin’ Baby" song in the perfect falsetto you need.

Speaking of voice actors, David Hayter -- voice of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series -- talks finding the coolness of being a player character while Shannon Purser tells us just how closely associated she is with Barb from Stranger Things.

Wrapping things up, Marvel comic legend Brian Michael Bendis talks about the part of his move to DC that nobody seems concerned about: the partnership of his creator-owned Jinxworld with the comic behemoth.

As always, check out our video above for more.

Additional material by Jacob Oller.

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