The Kingkiller Chronicles Writer Patrick Rothfuss Walks about Writer Magic (Emerald City Comic Con)

ECCC 2018: Kingkiller author Patrick Rothfuss talks his writing inspiration

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Mar 4, 2018, 3:09 PM EST

The extremely legendary Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Kingkiller Chronicles, popped by SYFY WIRE's live stage at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington, to talk about his creative muses. However, he dislikes "the myth of the author" and the idea that all writers have some sort of inspiration or what he refers to as "writer magic." To Rothfuss, that's all romanticized hokum, going so far as to say that writer's block does not exist.

"Sometimes, writing is super hard, just like any other job," he said. "No plumber ever gets to call in to work and they're like 'Jake, I have plumber's block.' What would your boss say?! ... They would say 'You are fired! You have problems and you are fired. Get your a-- in here and plumb some stuff, Jerry!'" 

Watch Rothfuss tear down the misconceptions of writing in the full interview below... 


Additional material by Josh Weiss.